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About Us

The mPro Group

mPro-Group is a multi-disciplinary Professional Service Provider for full-turnkey building design solutions. We are a multi-faceted enterprise that specializes in Architectural Designs, Project & Property Management, Developments, and Building Construction. Our full services are from inception to handover.

mPro-Group’s Professional Team is diverse in skill-sets, providing a higher level of excellence aimed at meeting each individual client’s needs on a personal and intimate level. Our team comprises Project Managers, Architects, Engineers, and Allied Professional Consultants.

Since established in late 2016, mPro-Group has been exposed to various clientele and building types – in both the public and private sectors. We are recognized as one of the fastest-growing entities in the construction industry.

mPro-Group has four subsidiaries; mPro Building Projects, mPro Construction, mPro Developments, and mPro Properties. Each of these Special Purpose Vehicles is used for the efficient delivery of our various services, which are Professional Consultancy Services; Building Construction & Development Services; plus Property Management Services – respectively.

Our Vision

Building innovative edifices that strategically integrate our built environment with an ever-changing socio-cultural, environmentally sensitive and tech-driven society.

Our Mission

Delivery Excellence on both the Process and the end-Product.


Tapiwa C. Mutanda


Tapiwa C. Mutanda

Tapiwa qualified in 2006 as an architect and is registered with both SACAP and SAIAT. He has almost a decade of experience in the construction industry and has been involved in the full scope of Developments starting with land procurement, acquisition of land rights, architectural planning, lead consultancy, and principal agency during construction, through to building handover. Tapiwa is a well-organized team player with proven ability to work proactively in a complex and busy environment and is capable of planning and organizing a wide range of construction projects on and off-site.

The Team mPro Group

mPro Group (Pty) Ltd has a vibrant team of Architects that push for the best quality of work possible. The curiosity of the Art of Architecture is what inspires creativity in the office. The team aims to meet the requirements set out in clientele briefs and to make designs personal to the client. All members of the team are proficient in many disciplines and use it to their advantage to produce the best work possible. The team boasts of a combined 10 years+ experience.

Our Subsidiaries We specialize in complete service packages, from research, design, building projects, construction, development and to property management services

mPro Group

mPro building Projects

Professional Architectural Services

mPro Group

Mpro Construction

Building Construction Services

mPro Group

mPro Development

Residential Development

mPro Group

mPro   Properties

Property Management Services